Sapphire III Photo Abrasion

Additional Info:

The ultimate combination, of skin therapy treatments.

Named after the actual Sapphire granules that make up its unique tip, this crystal-free, suction free, micro-abrasion technique actually vibrates white it slowly passes across the skins surface to painlessly ablate the outer most surface layers of the skin. The result is an immediate improvement in the skins texture, tone and appearance, while leaving the skin more receptive to the vitamin serums infused with red monochromatic light. This wave length of light is the major carrier of energy to all cells and expedites the replacement of older or damaged cells. In addition , it stimulates fibroblasts in the connective tissue, which produces collagen and promotes elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Blue L.E.D. Therapy
The Blue L.E.D. component of the Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion therapy destroys bacteria known to cause acne and other skin related conditions. Blue light also introduces oxygen into deeper layers of skin, which is known to promote healthy cell growth and faster healing. Blue light is ideal as a pre and post supplemental therapy to other anti-aging procedures.

As a stand-alone procedure or as a supplement, the Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion is an excellent way to ensure a younger looking, healthier complexion.